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Webmail policies:
Trash/JunkMail (emptied by system), Sent Folder - 90 days, Inbox - 1 year. Maximum storage all Folders - 50 Meg. Storage use in excess of 100 Meg (100M) the server may temporarily reject additional email. Senders will get the email returned with an error User mailbox quota exceeded. To resume accepting email after you have reduced your storage, you will need to contact tech support.
You can view how much storage is used with the Folder Sizes report. The link can be found on the lower left hand side under your Folders list. The Folder Sizes report shows you how many and total size of stored email are in each folder. If you are above 50M total (lower right-hand under Size column), we encourage you to use Outlook Express instead. With Outlook Express (and others), you don't have any storage limitations. If you need assistance setting up your Outlook Express, please call Tech Support.

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